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Forced Bi Cocksucking Cuckold

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Forced Bi Cuckold Husband

Jim was the average type of guy, in every sense of the word. Average job, average life, average looks, and average size cock. So it came as a complete surprise that he was able to find and marry the woman of his dreams.  She was everything he had wished for. She being a classy femdom, has a great body, beautiful face, and an incredibly high sex drive. A little too high in fact. He admitted to himself a few times early during their relationship of worrying about not being man enough for her and wondered how he was ever going to keep her satisfied.  Monica assured him that it wouldn’t be a problem. “She loved him just the way he was.”

So it kind of came of a surprise to him then about six months into their marriage that she wasn’t so interested in having sex with him anymore. He couldn’t understand what had changed. She seemed to want to really get married and while she was much more dominant than him, she still made sure that all of his other needs were met. “I know I’m just not big enough of a man to keep her from straying, I just know it”, he would tell himself. Jim just could not shake the feeling that his gut was telling him that the honeymoon was over.

One morning over breakfast Monica dropped a bombshell on Jim. “I’m planning on going out tonight”, she said to him. “With the girls?”, he asked. “Yes, a few of us decided that we were going to have a girls night out and go to that new hip hop club that just opened up two weeks ago.” Jim knew that no good could come out of his new bride going to a hip hop club crawling with hot, hung, and horny black men just looking to turn a white woman into one of their ho’s. “But honey, do you think that’s really a good idea?”, Jim asked. Monica looked him straight in the face with a big smile on her face and said, “I really don’t care what you think shrimp dick, I need to get fucked for real and tonight I’m going to find a real man to do it right!” Jim felt his stomach churn from hearing those words and hoped that it wasn’t true.

“It’s time that we become one of those cuckold couples and since you are already submissive to me, I want you to open your mind to further ways of pleasing me as your wife and keeping me happy. Do you understand?”, Monica asked to Jim. “In… in… in… wha… wha…what kind of way could I possibly submit to you further to please you and keep you happy?” “Isn’t it enough that you are going out to find a man to replace me?”, Jim asked worried. “Well, it’s quite easy actually”, and then Monica went into explaining how he would prove to her that he was dedicated to her happiness and pleasure and would do anything for her. “I want you to get into a forced bi situation with the man that I choose for my new lover and you will do it because I tell you to.

To be continued…

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