Sep 23

Shemales Force Straight Guys To Suck

Tag: forced bi phone sexVictoria @ 1:35 pm

I love shemales.  I have a thing for them because I love the kinkiness of a chick with a dick. Some of them are so incredibly pretty that you wouldn’t know that they were a T-girl until they took her bottoms off and their cock came flopping out.  In some of my hottest fantasies where I am turning the tables on yet another unsuspecting closet cock-sucker is that I would have him meet my new girlfriend, Nancy.  I love turning quasi-straight guys on to shemale cock because they can’t resist a pretty girl with a cock in her pants.  So, to coax a guy into forced bi sex, it is a whole lot easier with a tranny.

It all kind of plays into the phone feminization and humiliation because they secretly want to suck cock but they are just too embarrassed and humiliated to admit it, even to me. So I have to play into their insecurities and tell them Nancy is a friend of mine that I thought they would really like to hook up with and have sex with.  I really think she is a sexy woman and I’m sure they would think so too. It’s kind of hard to not be attracted to Nancy because she’s so very pretty. Then I would let Nancy spring her cock on them and listen to them squeal and plead with me, “please Mistress Victoria, please don’t make me suck that.” That’s when it would be the perfect time to put my other little plan into action and that involves forced feminization and telling him that I’m going to slip panties onto him so he feels better about taking Nancy’s big cock into his mouth. It usually takes a little persuading but in the end, none of these cock suckers can resist.

Do you want to be my next forced bi victim? Call me at 800-601-6975.

2 Responses to “Shemales Force Straight Guys To Suck”

  1. fred flintstone says:

    i love sucking a great pair of breasts yet i love a good cock

  2. Victoria says:

    I think most closet cock suckers do

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