Oct 22

Guy Forced To Suck in Bath House

Tag: forced bi phone sexVictoria @ 9:24 am

audioI seem to have this strong fascination with the gay men’s bath houses as of late. Just the idea of all of those hot, horny, gay men naked, sweaty and steamy looking to get it on with someone else is fucking hot. I think gay sex is pretty damn hot, and I’m sure that if I think it is, that there will be other people who agree with me. You know kind of like the closet fag boy who decides to try it out for a day feigning ignorance to what really goes on in these types of places.  But just in case so that you don’t get your ass served to you, you will want to make sure that you know the proper etiquette on how to behave in a place like that otherwise you might never be allowed to go back. That would really suck if you happen to be in a hot spot with a lot of good looking, built and hung men that get your attention.

To be honest I would really love it if you were engaged in forced bi sex by some of the patrons there. It might start out innocently enough by you making the wrong move and indicating that you are open for sexual contact. Next thing you know you are up to your neck in some male ass-play and two or three guys are ready to give you a ride up the Hershey highway.  Better yet would be to have you engage in some major ass worship of a hot, sweaty Adonis with a high, tight ass. They would use you like the virgin ass slut that you are and even though you would leave there with your brown-eye sore, you would be craving one of them cramming your ass with their cock soon enough to be back for more.  That’s something I can definitely promise gay boy.  Don’t act like you don’t like this *giggle*.

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  1. sissy heather says:

    after reading your blog i realized i needed some cock deep inside of my sissy ass

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